the farm

Welcome to the farm blog for Great Slamseys Farm in Great Notley, Essex, which is one of the commercial arable farms run by P H Wheaton & Co (Farms) Ltd.

Slamondesheia was mentioned in the Domesday Book and it's thought the name originates from the Old English meaning "enclosure of the sloe (tree) hill". The hamlet of Slamondsey or Slamsey was transferred from White Notley to Black Notley in 1889 and Great Slamseys was transferred to Great Notley in 2000.

Our fields are still called by their old names such as The Ley (formerly Old Leigh), Grove Field, Great Forest, Little Forest, Blackley and Dovehouse.

You can explore the fields and discover the wildlife and changing scenery using the network of public footpaths and the public bridleway that cross the farm and read this blog to see what's happening.