Thursday, 7 October 2010


The pigs were brought inside last night from their rather muddy field and were tagged with their identification numbers and left to clean themselves up on the straw overnight.  Then this morning we loaded them up in the livestock trailer, completed all the FSA and defra paperwork and took the pigs off to the abattoir.  Luckily we only have to go five minutes down the road so it's all pretty stress free. We had to wait a few minutes while a trailer load of sheep were unloaded and then Dave, Clegg and Harriet were walked into their pen in their usual unhurried style.  Forms were completed and handed over, details chalked on the pen of the gate and we went off to wash out the trailer, leaving the pigs to their fate.  They will be slaughtered today and hung in the cold store until they are cut up on Monday.  One of the pigs (Dave probably as he was the biggest) will be cured so that we get bacon and gammon, while the other two will be cut into pork joints and made into sausages.

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