Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Scarecrows and tractors

wheat in Great Forest
beans in Grove Field

A blustery day today for walking around the fields and rather wet and muddy underfoot but despite spending the last weeks of December under snow, the crops look surprisingly healthy.

It's always good to find a job in the workshop in January, so Bill has been familiarising himself with his new tractor and catching up with some maintenance jobs such as mending the pigeon scarer. 

Pigeon control is important at the moment, as given half a chance, the pigeons will eat all the green leaves of the oilseed rape plants in the field and we won't have a crop. The best control is shooting pigeons as it keeps them away permanently but we also try to keep them off the crops with hawkeye scarers, propane gas scarers and old fashioned scarecrows, including this netball playing one that we used to advertise Open Farm Sunday before she was put out in the field. 

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