Wednesday, 11 May 2011

watching foxes

This morning I watched two young foxes running along the bridleway in the Ley and then run and jump along the tramlines. They wheeled around and chased a bird and then one fox ran back to the country park and the other along the farm track and into the hedge. A lovely sight. Not such a lovely sight though is the pile of feathers I found in the garden this week. Another guinea fowl killed. I wish the foxes would stay in the fields.

Meanwhile, my little brown hen is sitting on ten eggs in the hen house and I hope 

that as the cockerel ushers his ladies around the garden he's keeping an eye out for any lurking predatory foxes. Last year the foxes picked off six of the hens and two guinea fowl.

This week we've been watering the most recently planted Christmas trees and using the knapsack sprayer to kill the weeds around the trees in the plantation. And we're hoping that it's going to rain. Last weekend we were forecast rain and all we got was a miserable 1.5mm over the two days. Barely enough to wet the ground.

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