Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Nordman Fir or Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

Which type of Christmas tree are you going to buy this year?

Nordman Fir
The most popular trees we sell are the Nordman firs with their deep green, glossy foliage that hardly drops. You must expect to sweep up some needles, but you won’t get the bare branch that sometimes occurs with a Norway Spruce that gets knocked and brushed against. Some Nordman Firs grow very wide, but it’s easy enough to trim them and we also sell Fraser Firs, which aren't quite as wide as the Nordman.

Traditionalists still choose the Norway Spruce with their wonderful smell and a good compact shape. The downside is that they don’t hang onto their needles unless you look after them, which means keeping your tree well watered and not brushing past it too often. They are ideal trees for displaying outside or in a room without too much through traffic.

From 1st December we will be selling cut trees and also pot grown and potted trees with prices starting at £15.

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