Wednesday, 25 January 2012

bread for Farmhouse Breakfast Week

This is last year's wheat crop, which was green last January, almost ready to harvest in July, combined in August and then stored in the barn. 

Most of the wheat was sent to a central co-operative store where it is sold on for food production. We use some of the wheat as seed for the next crop that is now growing in the fields and I take a very small amount to use throughout the year.

So that we can have toast and marmalade for breakfast during Farmhouse Breakfast Week, I've been using wheat from last year's  harvest to make some bread.

First the wheat is put into the grain mill, which grinds it into flour and then the dough is made, left to prove and shaped into loaves.
The loaves are then baked in the oven and we'll eat the fresh bread with rabbit rillettes and then toast the rest for breakfast.
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