Friday, 27 July 2012

around Little Forest and Grove field

Now that the hay bales have been carted away from the field (to be used as horse feed), we can see what's been lurking in the long grass, including lots of little frogs like this one.

The muck and straw removed from the stables is heaped up ready to be spread in the autumn. Over the last few days spiders have covered the top with cobwebs,

even building a bridge between the two peaks.

In Grove field the wheat is changing colour.

2 comments: said...

My reactions ... Photo 1 - Oooo (eyebrows raised) well camouflaged. Photo 2 - yuk (wrinkles nose) nightmarish. Photo 3 - clever (but still wrinkling nose). Photo 4 - Ahh (head to one side) lovely summer photo.

Anne at Great Slamseys Farm said...

How close do you think I had to get to photograph those spiders? Particularly perilous as the muck heap was a little squishy. Yuk in double measure.