Monday, 20 August 2012

harvest 2012

The last field of wheat at Slamseys is being combined today. Yesterday the combine was near Felsted so the tractors and trailers were driving from the field back to the farm, tipping the load, driving back along the road (passing the other tractors headed the opposite way) and arriving back in the field just as the combine spout was swinging out ready to empty the next full tank of grain. It was all a bit frantic.

Today is easier as they’re combining Grove Field, which is next to the yard.

Even Beth is looking relaxed as she waits to drive alongside the combine for the next load.

When the trailer is full, she’ll take it back to the barn to tip it out. 

In the yard, Bill is taking the wheat from the barn and tipping it into the lorries that will transport it to the co-operative grain store.

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