Monday, 7 March 2011

Fertiliser Spreading

1 fertiliser on way to field by anne.wheaton

The contractors have been spreading fertiliser on the wheat crop in Great Forest over the weekend. Historically, sulphur (which the crop needs for growth) was available in the atmosphere but with reduced emissions of sulphur we now have to apply it together with nitrogen, which boosts plant growth.

The fertiliser is taken down the field so that it is ready to be loaded into the spreader. Each bag holds half a tonne of fertiliser.

When the spreader is empty, the driver pulls up next to the bags, which are lifted in pairs above the spreader.

 The bottom of the bags are cut open so that the fertiliser flows into the spreader.

When all four bags have been emptied into the spreader, the driver resumes spreading.

fertilier applied to the wheat in Great Forest

The small white balls are fertiliser.

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