Friday, 4 March 2011


snowdrops by anne.wheaton

Very recently, a Man with a Caravan couldn't get out of the caravan site. No matter how many times he waved his fob across the sensor, the gate remained resolutely shut. "No worry" said I, for I had seen the Electrician fiddling with switches and boxes. "The power is off". So the Electrician switched back the power and the Man with a Caravan waved his fob again. The gate remained shut. Lights flashed on the keypad and I pressed some buttons. But still the gate wouldn't open. The Electrician tried. I tried again. The Man with a Caravan tried again. The Agronomist walked over to investigate and he tried. Even the Dog from the Stables would have tried if she'd been able to reach. The Man with a Caravan joked that he would just have to camp out for the night. Eventually Bill arrived and released him but only after I had managed to wipe all the fob codes from the system. So now we are reprogramming the fobs, which takes a while and we are very grateful to all our caravanners for their patience and understanding.

Meanwhile we have been to Feast East to do a little research for future projects and took the chance to sample lots of produce, including the rather delicious Caramel Vodka.

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