Wednesday, 18 April 2012

around the fields - The Blackleys

Big Blackley looking towards Blackley Lane

field entrance from the road

The bridleway from Great Forest leads into Big Blackley field and out onto Blackley Lane (which was sometimes known as Dragon Lane in the past). It’s a sad fact that rural crime is on the increase; all field entrances on roads are now blocked by bollards such as these or by padlocked gates and large pieces of farm machinery to stop people driving onto the fields to dump unwanted vehicles, joy ride across the crop, set up illegal camps or to break into buildings and farmyards to steal. 

public footpath signs

Big Blackley field borders Blackley Lane up to Gypsy Corner where people park in the gateway to canoodle, flytip (builders' rubble, garden rubbish, house rubbish ...), partake in illegal substances, let their dogs out or just sit in their cars in the sunshine while they eat their lunch and enjoy the countryside. But when you've dodged the rubbish, skirted around the piece of farm machinery (see above) and stepped carefully through the dog mess you have a choice of footpaths to follow. 

footpath between the two Blackley fields
One footpath heads off towards Willows Green and the other cuts down between the two fields, with Far Blackley on the left and Big Blackley on the right, heading towards Gardeners Field. 

behind the trees

 Halfway down the footpath a little copse of trees hides a dark pond that is beginning to dry out.  


The blackthorn hedges around the field are covered in blossom this month and we're hoping they'll have a good crop of sloes this autumn. 

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Sophie said...

Hi Anne
Thanks for your comment on my allotment blog. To be honest the Lineholt Allotment Company is work in progress. I have a small allotment at the farm (which I talk about more in my other Blog, a good year) however my partner and I are looking for ways to diversify the farm, as my partners father is now getting near to retirement age and my partner and his brothers do not necessarily want to take on the farm as it is currently - they grow vegetables only and sell to market and have done for three generations.
Anyway, the first allotment is ours and we have started playing with ideas for private allotments as I understand you dont need planning permission if the land is already being used for agricultural purposes. Our problem is we need to get my partners Dad on Board!
Anyway, I set up the blog in the hope that we could chart any progress, but mainly I write on my other Blog 'A Good Year' about my vegetable growing/allotment pursuits.
Do keep me posted on your progress too!
Nice to talk to you