Wednesday, 11 April 2012

around the fields - Great Forest

Great Forest field covers an area of almost 13 hectares and as you can see, it isn’t a forest but is growing a crop of oilseed rape this year that is just coming into flower. 

A gateway from Little Forest field leads onto the public bridleway that runs through the farm from Great Notley Country Park to Blackley Lane.  Anyone has the right to walk or ride a horse along the public bridleway; cyclists can also use bridleways (but not footpaths) though they have to give way to walkers and riders. Growing alongside the bridleway in the grass you can see paigles and violets.

On a farm map of 1849, this field is divided into four smaller fields: Lower Forest Field, Little Forest Field, Three Corner Pasture, and Horse Pasture. The photo above would have been in Three Corner Pasture. The willow trees were originally planted for cricket bat production but now seem to be providing a resting place for pigeons and you can see where they've hopped down to eat the oilseed rape crop.

ivy climbing up a tree trunk

This little pond, which is dried up and rather overgrown at the moment, is in the corner where Horse Pasture and Lower Forest Field joined, with Gardeners field behind.

This is the view from the pond, looking back to the yard.

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